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Critical Philosophy of Race - Penn State University Press

The journal's audience goes far beyond the teachers of courses in this area and their students as intersects with a number of already vibrant areas within philosophy including history of philosophy, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy. However, the practice of critical philosophy of race is interdisciplinary insofar as it draws heavily on a number of other disciplines: legal studies, history, anthropology, sociology, comparative literature, African-American Studies, Latino/a and Hispanic Studies, and so forth. We expect that a significant part of the readership would be from these areas and for this reason the editorial board includes representatives not only from philosophy but also from other disciplines.

The social construction of race is based on privileges and availability of resources.

To permit a large number of men to live free of charge is to encourage laziness and all the disorders that follow; it is to render the condition of the idler preferable to that of the man who works... The race of industrious citizens is replaced by a vile population composed of vagabond beggars free to commit all sorts of crimes.

Critical essay philosopher race - Eighty Six Inc,.

The space race had many motivations and many things that kept the competition going....

- the unbowed pride of a hunted race, clinging with that tiny dimpled hand – ah, wearily!- to a hope not hopeless but unhopeful, and seeing with those bright wondering eyes that peer into my soul a land whose freedom is to us a mockery and whose liberty a lie.” - W.E.B....

The Open Society and its Enemies is a monumental defence of democratic principles and a demolition of many pervasive ideas that render our traditions of rationality and tolerance dangerously fragile under the pressure of social and political crises. Chief among these is the utopian impulse to recreate society in the image of someone’s dreams. There is some debate as to whether Popper’s dramatic view of science as a succession of revolutions is consistent with the relative conservatism of his political philosophy. In fact there is no conflict because both garments are cut from the same cloth of critical rationalism, the spirit of criticism, respect for arguments, for the truth and for the rights of individual people.

Critical essay philosopher race - Zig Zag Scallop

Faded Dreams: The Politics and Economics of Race in America addresses the subject of economic inequalities among minorities.

Since the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we have seen some of the most heated debates over the fairness of affirmative action and the impacts on society the utilization of race creates.

The ambiguities and confusion associated with determining theboundaries of racial categories have over time provoked a widespreadscholarly consensus that discrete or essentialist races aresocially constructed, not biologically real. However, significantscholarly debate persists regarding whether reproductive isolation,either during human evolution or through modern practices barringmiscegenation, may have generated sufficient genetic isolation as tojustify using the term race to signify the existence of non-discretehuman groups that share not only physical phenotypes but also clustersof genetic material. In addition, scholarly debate exists concerningthe formation and character of socially constructed, discrete racialcategories. For instance, some scholars suggest that race isinconceivable without racialized social hierarchies, while others arguethat egalitarian race relations are possible. Finally, substantialcontroversy surrounds the moral status of racial identity andsolidarity and the justice and legitimacy of policies or institutionsaimed at undermining racial inequality.

Critical essay philosopher race
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Critical essay philosopher race - Salon Management …

“The sense of a "race" was largely abandoned by both sides, further space exploration by both countries continued, but without the Cold War fervor over which society was the most technologically advanced” (Veve)....

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Hitler and the Nazis believed that the capability to attack strategic foreign objectives in a concise period of time would cripple their counterparts and ordain the Germans unstoppable (“Space Race Exhibition” 1)....

Probing critical essay by reproutopia on the elision of race class ..

Stephen Cornell and Douglas Hartmann (1998) provide a helpfuldiscussion of the differences between the concepts of race andethnicity. Relying on social constructivism, they define race as“a human group defined by itself or others as distinct by virtueof perceived common physical characteristics that are held to beinherent…Determining which characteristics constitute therace…is a choice human beings make. Neither markers norcategories are predetermined by any biological factors” (Cornelland Hartmann 1998, 24). Ethnicity, conversely, is defined as a sense ofcommon ancestry based on cultural attachments, past linguisticheritage, religious affiliations, claimed kinship, or some physicaltraits (1998, 19). Racial identities are typically thought of asencompassing multiple ethnic identities (Cornell and Hartmann 1998,26). Thus, people who are racially categorized as black may possess avariety of ethnic identities based either on African national orcultural markers (e.g., Kenyan, Igbo, Zulu) or the newer national,sub-national, or trans-national identities created through the mixingof enslaved populations in the Americas (e.g., African American,Haitian, West Indian).

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The third school of thought regarding the ontology of race isracial population naturalism. This camp suggests that,although racial naturalism falsely attributed cultural, mental, andphysical characters to discrete racial groups, it is possible thatgenetically significant biological groupings could exist that wouldmerit the term races. Importantly, these biological racial groupingswould not be essentialist or discrete: there is no set of genetic orother biological traits that all and only all members of a racial groupshare that would then provide a natural biological boundary betweenracial groups. Thus, these thinkers confirm the strong scientificconsensus that discrete, essentialist races do not exist. However, thecriteria of discreteness and essentialism would also invalidatedistinctions between non-human species, such as lions and tigers. AsPhilip Kitcher puts it, “there is no…geneticfeature…that separates one species of mosquito or mushroom fromanother” (Kitcher 2007, 294–6; Cf. Mallon 2007, 146–168). Rather,biological species are differentiated by reproductive isolation, whichis relative, not absolute (since hybrids sometimes appear in nature);which may have non-genetic causes (e.g., geographic separation andincompatible reproduction periods or rituals); which may generatestatistically significant if not uniform genetic differences; and whichmay express distinct phenotypes. In effect, if the failure to satisfythe condition of discreteness and essentialism requires jettisoning theconcept of race, then it also requires jettisoning the concept ofbiological species. But because the biological species concept remainsepistemologically useful, some biologists and philosophers use it todefend a racial ontology that is “biologically informed butnon-essentialist,” one that is vague, non-discrete, and relatedto genetics, genealogy, geography, and phenotype (Sesardic 2010,146).

Globalization and Utopia - Critical Essays P Hayden

Thin constructivism depicts race as a grouping of humansaccording to ancestry and genetically insignificant, “superficialproperties that are prototypically linked with race,” such asskin tone, hair color and hair texture (Mallon 2006, 534). In this way,thin constructivists such as Robert Gooding-Williams (1998), LuciusOutlaw (1990, 1996) and Charles Mills (1998) rely on the widespreadfolk theory of race while rejecting its scientific foundation uponracial naturalism. Interactive kind constructivism goesfurther, in arguing that being ascribed to a certain racial categorycauses the individuals so labeled to have certain common experiences(Mallon 2006, 535; Piper 1992). So for instance, if society ascribesyou as black, you are likely to experience difficulty hailing cabs inNew York or are more likely to be apprehended without cause by thepolice (James 2004, 17). Finally, institutional constructivismemphasizes race as a social institution, whose character is specific tothe society in which it is embedded and thus cannot be applied acrosscultures or historical epochs (Mallon 2006, 536). Michael Root (2000,632) notes that a person ascribed as black in the United States wouldlikely not be considered black in Brazil, since each country has verydifferent social institutions regarding the division of humanity intodistinct races. Similarly, Paul Taylor (2000) responds toAppiah’s racial skepticism by holding that races, even ifbiologically unreal, remain real social objects (Mallon 2006, 536–537).Indeed, in a later work Taylor (2004) argues that the term“race” has a perfectly clear referent, that being thosepeople socially ascribed to certain racial categories within the UnitedStates, regardless of the widespread social rejection of biologicalracial naturalism.

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