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Slavery is a recurring theme in the literature of the Caribbean.

The slave trade which had already begun on the West Coast of Africa provided the needed labour, and a period from 1496 (Columbus's second voyage) to 1838 saw Africans flogged and tortured in an effort to assimilate them into the plantation economy.

A question of whether Africans were chosen to be imported as slaves is presented in racial terms.

Then, in the crucible of the Civil Rights revolution of the 1960s, dissenting voices were raised. Some scholars insisted that the Emancipation Proclamation had achieved little; that, after all, it ordered slaves freed only in those states where Lincoln had no authority. In recent years, a number of African-American historians have promoted the additional notion of "self emancipation,"arguing that the slaves, in essence, had freed themselves by fleeing from their bondage in such massive numbers that Lincoln had no choice but to codify their flight by issuing his rather limp proclamation.

How were the reparations for Slavery in The Caribbean?

Slavery in the Caribbean was the loudly clanking skeleton in "civilized" Europe’s closet.

An estimate of the slave population in the British Caribbean in Robin Blackburn's study, The Overthrow of Colonial : 1776-1848, puts the slave numbers at 428,000 out of a population of 500,000, so the number of slaves vastly exceeded the number of white owners and overseers.

Both slave transportation, and slavery itself in the U.S. were brutal institutions. Itwas not unknown to have a 50% mortality rate during the passage from Africa. Slaveswho were too ill to survive the trip were sometimes thrown overboard to drown. Once onAmerican soil, slaves were largely treated as property, to be freely bought andsold. Some slave owners allowed their slaves to marry; others imposed marriages onthem. Slave marriages were not recognized by the states. The owner was free to split up acouple or family at any time simply by selling some of his/her slaves. Slave children weresent into the fields at about 12 years of age where they worked from sun up to sundown.

The Sugar Revolutions and Slavery.

The Caribbean and West Africa were large affected by the transatlantic slave trade in 1450 to1750.

Lincoln had opposed slavery all is life. Observing blacks in chains for the first time, while on a visit to New Orleans as a young man, he is said to have vowed: "If I ever get the chance to hit this thing, I'll hit it hard." Though some historians question that story, there is no doubt but that as a young legislator in Illinois, he was one of the few state lawmakers to sign a resolution condemning slavery. Years later, he angrily denounced the idea that settlers in Americas new territories could vote to import slavery into the west. At the very least, he insisted, slavery must be limited to those states where it had so long existed, and there placed on what he called "the course of ultimate extinction."
True, Lincoln did not then believe in equality for African Americans. He did not yet think blacks should be permitted to vote or to serve on juries. But he differed with the overwhelming majority of the white citizens of the day when he declared: "In the right to eat the bread which his own hands earn,"a black man "is my equal and....the equal of every living man." Surprising as it seems today, such pronouncements still shocked many mid-19th-century Americans.

Basically, Africans were chosen because of their physical stamina, which Portuguese using African slaves demonstrated to colonies, and because they were cheap labor.

European ships sailed from Africa, where they picked up slaves, to the Caribbean....
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Slavery in the Caribbean Essay Sample - Bla Bla Writing

The historical record of slavery deals almost completely with the beliefs and actionsof whites in Europe and North America. The full story is yet to be told. Thecontribution of the slaves themselves has been incompletely documented. "Howslaves transformed their African experiences into revolutionary action against theinstitution of slavery still has to be explored. Even specialists of Africa haveinadvertently overlooked the importance of black abolitionist thought and action."1

Slavery in the Caribbean - Term Paper - Jmmyles91

African slaves were transported to Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean,Mexico, and Central & South America, starting very early in the 16th century.

Slavery in the Caribbean Essay - 2135 Words - StudyMode

The Middle Passage was the route of sea going journeys of Africans taken from their Native land, to the shores of the Caribbean and America, where they were invariably destined to an existence of institutional slavery.

Slavery Vs Indentureship in the Caribbean Essay - Paper …

Check your paper » Slavery in the Caribbean

Caribbean Slavery gave planters and elite in the Caribbean the right to abuse a human by requiring ridiculously long hours of work on the fields and not providing enough nutrition.

Slavery Vs Indentureship in the Caribbean

Check your paper » Slavery and the Caribbean

Europeans came into contact with the Caribbean after Columbus's momentous journeys in 1492, 1496 and 1498.

Slavery in the Caribbean Essay - 781 Words - StudyMode

Between 1662 and 1807 Britain shipped 3.1 million Africans across the Atlantic Ocean in the . Africans were forcibly brought to British owned colonies in the Caribbean and sold as slaves to work on . Those engaged in the trade were driven by the huge financial gain to be made, both in the Caribbean and at home in Britain.

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