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Ancient Greek agriculture was the very necessity of the empire.

My report is about two Greek goddesses. They
Are Aphrodite and Persephone. First I will talk
Aphrodite, goddess of romantic love had
finally arrived. Never had there been such
sensual beauty and impeccable taste. From then
on there would be candlelit dinners, high
heeled shoes, and bright red lipstick. Romance
was there and planning to stay. Aphrodite was
the daughter of titan Uranus. Shen was
Married to Zeus' son Hephaestus, god of the
Forge. Overjoyed with his good fortune in
Receiving this stunning bride he did the best to
Please Aphrodite. He designed the most
Beautiful jewelry and furniture for her. He even
Made her a magical golden girdle that made
Her irresistible to men when she wore
It. Aphrodite felt she had married below her
Class. She was known for her numerous loves
Affairs which varied with mortals and other
Gods and resulted in many offspring.
Aphrodite's most notable lovers were the gods
Ares, Dionysus, Hermes, posidian, and the
Mortal Adonis. Her most famous son was Eros,
God of love. A talented archer whose job was to
Shoot arrows dipped in Aphrodite's love
Potion. Hitting her unwitting victims causing
Them to fall madly in love with the next
Person they saw. Aphrodite brought them hope
And the awareness of the transforming power
Now I will talk about Persephone.
According to Greek mythology Persephone UN
wittingly attracted the attention of the Greek
God Hades, brother of Zeus and ruler of the
Underworld. After asking for and receiving
Her father's approval for Persephone's hand in
Marriage Hades simply abducted her one day
When she stooped to pluck a narcissus from a
Field of wildflowers near her house. Her
Mother Demeter had heard Persephonea

The Greek plays have been shaped by historical events and their tragic past and put into one story.

The film “The Odyssey,” depicts the culture of the ancient Greeks where it illustrates the life of a man, Odysseus, who has gone on a journey just to get back to his kingdom.

Ancient Greece has full-action, non stop, amazing information....

Greek history has shown many tragic events over the course of time....

In light of the above it is really interesting to see the reactions of the Greek Left and especially SYRIZA regarding thesepositions. As with the case of the change of AKEL's adoption of the exit from the Eurozone strategy, SYRIZA leadership chose to politely such proposals,despite the appeal of this position in the large segments of the electorate of the Greek Left. In many instances representatives of the leadership's positionwithin SYRIZA have the exit from the Eurozone as being nationalist and in opposition to class politics.

The argument from the part of SYRIZA leadership that opening the debate on the exit of the Eurozone would offer pro-austerity forcesthe chance to put pressure on SYRIZA, alienate segments of the electorate (who remain ideologically attached to the euro), and consequently jeopardize apossible election victory, misses the main point. As long as the Greek Left does not challengethe euro as the central node for the current particularly European version of the neoliberal “There Is No Alternative,” the political debate will remaincornered in a discursive terrain that is much more suitable to systemic pro-austerity forces than to social movements. This helps pro-austerity forces,both politically and electorally. In contrast, working toward the break withthe Eurozone opens up the political space to work and experiment with radicaleconomic and social alternatives that go beyond the limits of neoliberal capitalism and can help the Left emerge as an actual political alternative andnot just an electoral outlet for protest. Moreover, it is not possible to haveradical changes without some form of rupture with the current financial,monetary and institutional framework of the Eurozone and the dominant strategy within the EU.

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The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece intervene frequently in the Odyssey.

In terms of the political crisis there has been a growing estrangement of thelarge segments of the popular classes from pro-austerity parties and the political system. This found its expression in negative feelings and attitudes toward the political system, mainstream parties and a growing feeling of angerand distrust toward the European Union, including Greece's participation inthe Eurozone. Large segments of the popular classes, of workers, employees, peasants, youths, members of the “professional classes,” small businessmen,have turned their back on mainstream parties, leading to a political earthquakein the May June 2012 elections when both PASOK and New Democracy suffered greatlosses and SYRIZA came close to winning the June election and gaining governmental power. One can see the same elements of an open political crisiseven in opinion polls. SYRIZA and New Democracy are running neck and neck for the first position, whereas the once dominant PASOK is polling between 6 and 8 per cent.

However, treating these tectonic political shifts as the simple result of social crisisand the deterioration of social conditions is far from providing a full imageof the situation in Greece. Without a unique and without precedent sequence ofstruggles and collective practices of resistance and solidarity, without a strong movement, which has been close to a modern version of a “protractedpeople's war,” we would not have experienced these political earthquakes. It wasexactly through these collective experiences of struggle, this feeling of angerturned into hope, this feeling of confidence and of being part of a people in struggle, expressed in concrete practices such as a demonstration, a clash withthe police or a popular assembly, that people were again re-politicized, re-radicalized, moved to the Left. Were it not for the mass strikes, for the continuingstruggles in many sectors, for the hundreds of solidarity initiatives, and for the many forms of resistance and disobedience, the political landscape would have been much more different.

Greece’s strategic location has and continues to make it a beauty yet a burden.
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Free greece papers, essays, and research papers

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Impact Of The Financial Crisis On Greece Economics Essay

Can this challenge be answered simply by struggling for a left-wing government, apossibility that has dominated discussions within the Left in Europe,especially after the when SYRIZA came close to power? Firstof all, this possibility represents the depth and the extent of the politicalcrisis in Greece, the tectonic shifts in relations of political representation,as a result of the social crisis but also of the impressive series of strugglesand collective practices of resistance, protest, disobedience and solidarity. Atthe same time it brings forward the centrality of the question of politicalpower in the current conjuncture in Greece. However, although the wholequestion of a possibility of a left-wing government opens up the question of political power, this does not mean that SYRIZA, at least in its currentpolicies and strategic proposals is the answer. That is why it is important to rethink questions of political and governmental power.

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The Euro also forms the material ground of all forms of blackmail that any left-wing or progressive government will face in Greece. Toput simply it is not possible to negotiate or take a firm stand against the austerity measures imposed upon Greece when the Eurogroup controls monetarypolicy, when the European Central Bank controls the liquidity of banks, when acountry remains dependent upon loans from the ECB and the IMF. Regaining monetary sovereignty, as a form of democratic social control of an importantaspect of the economy is a necessary precondition for any potential progressive solution to the Greek problem.

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